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Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine™ Named One of 30 Hottest Magazine Launches of 2014

Respected magazine media professor Samir “Mr. Magazine” Husni recognizes Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine™ among best of 862 new titles Each year, Samir “Mr. Magazine” Husni (director of the Magazine Innovation Center and professor at the University of Mississippi’s Meek School of Journalism) publishes a report on the top 30 hottest new magazine launches, and

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On the Radar: New Craft Beer Releases and Returning Favorites

Some parts of the country have already seen snowfall and the days are getting shorter, but that also means that there’s more time at night to enjoy new beers. And thankfully, craft breweries are already sending out new treats for the season ahead, from late-season fresh hops ales to hearty stouts to fruited sours. Add

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Homebrewing with Sugar

All-malt purists may scoff, and the Reinheitsgebot may turn up its Teutonic nose, but there is, indeed, a time and a place for simple sugar in your brewing. Sugar had a bad rap for quite some time, thanks to some commercial brewers’ reliance on large amounts of the sweet stuff to yield something more like

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Blood, Sweat, and Beer: New Documentary Taps into the Craft Beer Dream

The American Dream is very much alive in the craft-beer industry in the United States. Across the country, small brewery owners are growing grassroots concepts and producing handcrafted brews that consumers can’t get enough of. Neither can documentary filmmakers. A new film, Blood, Sweat, and Beer, follows two start-up breweries in the first year of

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Shipping Your Homebrew

Go far enough down the road of homebrew obsession, and sooner or later you’ll find yourself needing to ship some beer. Whether submitting samples to a competition, participating in a Secret Santa swap, or simply offering a bottle of your 2008 barleywine as a holiday gift, getting your precious homebrew from point A to point

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Craft-Beer Pairings for Halloween Candy

Trick-or-treating is about to take on a whole new meaning for grown-ups. We present the Craft Beer & Brewing candy and craft-beer pairings for Halloween. Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bars + Milk Stout Pair milk chocolate Hershey’s bars with a smooth, full-bodied milk stout. The added lactose in the beer will enhance the creaminess of the

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Holiday Ale Fest

Craft Beer Jubilee: 6 Must-Hit Winter Ale Festivals

This winter promises a lineup of holiday and cold weather ale festivals across the country. Mark your calendars and make a date to check out at least one of these festivals. You’ll be glad you did. DC Craft Beer Festival Winter Harvest Washington, D. C. November 22, 2014 Coming up this weekend, seventy-five breweries, 150

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Winter Warmer Beer Recipe

Winter Warmer Style: 21B Christmas/Winter Specialty Spiced Beer Type: All Grain Beer A malty, warming beer for cold days Original Gravity (est): 1.065 ABV (est): 6.3% Final Gravity (est): 1.017 IBU (est): 35.1 Recipe Grain 10.5 lbs Marris Otter 1.5 lbs 120 L Crystal Malt .5 lbs Brown Malt Hops 1 oz Northern Brewer (60