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Haymarket-Winner Circle

Winner’s Circle: Pete Crowley on The Defender

After this year’s Great American Beer Festival, a brewery known in Chicago for producing some of the town’s strongest ales, Haymarket Pub & Brewery, is gaining national attention for its Defender Stout. The Defender took home a gold medal for the American-Style Stout category and a gold in that same category at the 2014 World

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Celebrate Fall and Pumpkin (Beer) Season

Although pumpkin-beer season seemed to start early this year, pumpkins themselves have just started to arrive. To celebrate fall, pumpkin season, and pumpkin beers, head to the kitchen and indulge in this earthy pumpkin-beer cheesecake from our special issue, CB&B Cooking with Beer, available on newsstands November 25 or pre-order your copy now. Pumpkin-Beer Cheesecake

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Lauter and Clear

Lautering is the process of separating sweet wort from mashed grain. Most homebrewers mash and lauter in the same vessel, a combination mash-and-lauter tun (MLT), while large commercial breweries usually pump the mash to a dedicated lauter tun, thus making the mash tun available to start a new brew. Lautering (separating wort from the grain

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Half Acre

Beercation: Chicago

Anyone who has ever been in or around Chicago knows that it’s a city bold in style and flavor, exceptionally vibrant, and teeming with diversity. The beer culture in Chicago is reflective of the city itself: compelling, unabashed, and progressive. As demand for craft beer continues to skyrocket, more and more Chicago breweries are entering

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Shipping Your Homebrew

Go far enough down the road of homebrew obsession, and sooner or later you’ll find yourself needing to ship some beer. Whether submitting samples to a competition, participating in a Secret Santa swap, or simply offering a bottle of your 2008 barleywine as a holiday gift, getting your precious homebrew from point A to point

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Hopping Around Hood River

Just an hour outside of Portland, Oregon, where the Columbia River and the Hood River meet, is the small, but brewery-dense town of Hood River. Located in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge, with Mount Hood looming over, it’s among the most scenic destinations for a pint in the state. There’s also no shortage

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Q+A with Left Hand Brewing: Nitro Stouts

There’s no denying the pleasure of the cascading bubbles in a properly poured stout on a nitro tap, but getting the same experience in a bottled beer is something only a handful of craft brewers have attempted. For Issue 4 (Winter 2014/2015) of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine™, we talked with Left Hand Brewing Company

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Winter Warmer Beer Recipe

Winter Warmer Style: 21B Christmas/Winter Specialty Spiced Beer Type: All Grain Beer A malty, warming beer for cold days Original Gravity (est): 1.065 ABV (est): 6.3% Final Gravity (est): 1.017 IBU (est): 35.1 Recipe Grain 10.5 lbs Marris Otter 1.5 lbs 120 L Crystal Malt .5 lbs Brown Malt Hops 1 oz Northern Brewer (60