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Hop the vote

Hop The Vote: Upper Chamber Pale Ale or Representative Saison?

This year, seats in the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate will be contested one month after the Great American Beer Festival. In the spirit of election season, in an effort to promote Colorado’s craft breweries, and in celebration of fresh hops season, the Colorado Brewers Guild presents Hop The Vote.

Pairing Beer & Food


Craft Beer Pairings for Poutine

Right up there with key lime pie, cilantro, and olives, poutine is a “you either love it or hate it” kind of dish. Most people, however, seem to fall squarely on the “love it” side of this plate of crispy, hot French fries topped with beef gravy and fresh cheese curds. And while a plate

Making Beer

Secondary fermentation

The Great Secondary (Fermentation) Debate

To outside observers, the idea that a humble 5-gallon glass jug could inspire heated debate might seem a touch preposterous. But many homebrewers form very strong opinions regarding the secondary fermentor. Some claim that the secondary is almost always necessary, while others brag about how many months their 1.112 (specific gravity) barleywine has been sitting

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Running of the Brewers 01

Fresh Hops Season: Running of The Brewers

Each year, the McMenamins breweries in Oregon and Washington create a Fall seasonal fresh-hops ale called Thundercone Ale. This earthy, hoppy beer is brewed with Canada Malting Superior pilsen malt, Franco Belges caramel Munich malt, Chinook hops for bittering, and fresh Brewer’s Gold hops from Sodbuster Farms in Salem, Oregon. This year, 1,120 pounds of

Beer Collecting & Trading


Shipping Your Homebrew

Go far enough down the road of homebrew obsession, and sooner or later you’ll find yourself needing to ship some beer. Whether submitting samples to a competition, participating in a Secret Santa swap, or simply offering a bottle of your 2008 barleywine as a holiday gift, getting your precious homebrew from point A to point

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pick six 1

Allagash Brewing’s Rob Tod Picks a World-Class Six Pack of Craft Beer

Portland, Maine’s Allagash Brewing Company Founder Rob Tod’s favorite craft beers are inextricably tied to time and place. His dream six-pack is a trip through memory lane and the experiences that have molded who he is as a craft brewer. Although Allagash is known for its Belgian-style beers, Founder Rob Tod’s tastes are not so

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Do You Know the Muffin Fan?

The dreaded foamy pour is a common complaint among new kegerator owners and operators. While professionals enjoy the benefits of commercial-grade refrigeration and purpose-built draft systems, we home enthusiasts often cobble together our own setups from Craigslisted parts and fire-sale fridges. And diagnosing foam is almost always part of the process. If your draft system

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Easy Irish Stout

What? Stout in the middle of summer? Absolutely! Irish stout is the perfect dark beer for warm weather. It’s full-flavored, low in alcohol, and has about the same number of calories as that watery “lite beer” your brother-in-law brings to your backyard barbecue. And speaking of grilled meat, Irish stout is a great pairing. If