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CANfusion: A Dry-Hopped Rye Bock with North Carolina Roots

The much anticipated Beer Camp Across America variety pack includes a beer brewed by neighbors Sierra Nevada Brewing Company and Oskar Blues Brewery that will soon be brewing in Mills River, North Carolina, and Brevard, North Carolina, respectively. CANfusion, a beer that nods to both Oskar Blues’ large scale production of craft lager and Sierra

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Give Your Beer a Cold Water Bath

To avoid contamination in your homebrew it’s important to chill your wort as quickly as possible. One way is to give your wort a cold bath. Northern Brewer shows you how.  

Making Beer


Selecting a Brew Kettle

The brew kettle, sometimes called a brew pot, is one of the handful of truly essential pieces of homebrewing equipment. Both extract and all-grain brewers need a good, sturdy kettle for conducting a 60-minute or longer boil. Although you can certainly start out by borrowing a stock pot from the kitchen cupboard, eventually you’ll want

Pairing Beer & Food

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Craft Beer + Bread = Delicious

Proof 419, an Ohio “microbakery” that operates out of a home kitchen, shows what happens when a love for craft beer, an obsession with great bread, and a passion for Toledo, Ohio, combine.  Proof 419 showcases Toledo craft beer crafted into something altogether new—artisanal breads that use Maumee Bay Brewing Company’s beers as key ingredients.

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Craft Beer Underpriced?

In a recent blog post on L’histoire de sa vie, Nathan Miller suggests that craft beer is underpriced. Using a basic supply/demand chart, he explains that craft beer hasn’t reached the magical “equilibrium” point where supply matches demand (where the two lines cross). He points to super quick sellouts, the recent Hunahpu’s Day disaster, and

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Finding Balance Through Kegging

You finally did it. After years of bottling, you decided to keg your homebrew. Everyone has told you how easy kegging is, how much time you’ll save, and how rewarding it is to pour a glass of beer at your own home bar. You even built your own kegerator, complete with stainless faucets and a

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Funk Asheville: A Gathering of Wild & Sour Beers

Wild and sour beer festivals are gaining critical mass. The $70-$80 craft beer festival is becoming more common and is selling out in seconds. Avery Brewing’s Boulder Sour Fest is in its fifth year, Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project’s What the Funk? had its second event at CBC 2014, and now Wicked Weed Brewing is