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Stone Brewing’s Craft Beer “Revolution” Will Be Crowdfunded?

A brewery starting a Kickstarter or Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign isn’t unusual these days. Craft brewers from Maine to North Carolina to California have raised money to install fermentors, buy more kegs, or expand their barrel-aging program. But when one of the ten biggest craft brewers in the United States announces their $1 million crowdfunding campaign,

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Brewpub Nation: Wicked Weed Brewery

In this edition of Brewpub Nation, we’re heading down south to a beer town that deserves just as much recognition for its food scene as it receives for its beer culture: Asheville, North Carolina. Asheville is greatly influenced by local farming, and the menu at Wicked Weed Brewing’s restaurant is no exception. Meet Head Chef

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Tying the Knot with Homebrew

I’m going to let you in on a secret: Believe it or not, there are actually patient souls out there who choose to marry homebrewers. And fortunately for me, my wife happens to be one of them. Against her better judgement, she bravely said yes to a lifetime of gurgling fermentors, stovetop boilovers, and the

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We Recommend: Great Beer Bars in Montreal, Baltimore & Eugene!

The “Love Handles” department in Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine™ is devoted to great beer bars. Here are the three beer bars that we explored in our second issue (Summer 2014). Vices & Versa (Montreal, Quebec) An oasis of creative beer in Montreal’s Little Italy, where the locals hang and visitors can try the best

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Odell Brewing Introduces Brett Golden Ale

Odell Brewing is getting ready to celebrate the release of its latest Cellar Series beer: Fifty Niner. Named for the Colorado gold rush of 1859, Fifty Niner is a golden ale conditioned with Brettanomyces, “a yeast as wild as the new frontier.” This is a complex and fun beer,” Odell Brewing’s QA/QC Manager Eli Kolodny

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Five Brewers and Their Favorite Farmhouse Ales

The recent farmhouse ale phenomenon in the United States is a trend many brewers predicted way back when it wasn’t as cool to seek out one-of-a-kind beers brewed in remote farmhouses in obscure corners of Europe. Interest in these import beers has undoubtedly inspired American brewers and homebrewers to take their own stabs at these

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Finding Balance Through Kegging

You finally did it. After years of bottling, you decided to keg your homebrew. Everyone has told you how easy kegging is, how much time you’ll save, and how rewarding it is to pour a glass of beer at your own home bar. You even built your own kegerator, complete with stainless faucets and a

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Easy Irish Stout

What? Stout in the middle of summer? Absolutely! Irish stout is the perfect dark beer for warm weather. It’s full-flavored, low in alcohol, and has about the same number of calories as that watery “lite beer” your brother-in-law brings to your backyard barbecue. And speaking of grilled meat, Irish stout is a great pairing. If

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