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Craft Beer by the Numbers: November 2014

Craft beer continues to hit national headlines, with a new brewing certificate program in Michigan, the first Whole Foods Market brewpub in Texas, the results of the European Beer Star Awards, and more. Here’s a numerical roundup of the biggest headlines in craft beer in November. 7.6: The percentage share of the $100 billion U.S.

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Editors’ Picks: Pumpkin Beers!

As we wrapped up Issue 4 (Winter 2014) of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine™, pumpkin beers were making their appearance on store shelves. The style can be hit-or-miss, with some pumpkin beers overdoing the spice while others leave you scratching your head wondering where the pumpkin is, but we’ve picked a few here that definitely

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Off-Flavor of the week: Phenolic

Phenols represent a broad class of compounds that may be very welcome or completely undesirable in beer, depending on the brewer’s intention and the target style. Chemically speaking, a phenolic compound contains hydroxyl (OH) and a ring of hydrogen and carbon molecules (an aromatic hydrocarbon ring). Such compounds are prolific in nature and are responsible

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Blood, Sweat, and Beer: New Documentary Taps into the Craft Beer Dream

The American Dream is very much alive in the craft-beer industry in the United States. Across the country, small brewery owners are growing grassroots concepts and producing handcrafted brews that consumers can’t get enough of. Neither can documentary filmmakers. A new film, Blood, Sweat, and Beer, follows two start-up breweries in the first year of

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10 Dos and Don’ts of Bottle-Share Etiquette

For those of you unfamiliar with bottle shares, they are gatherings of craft-beer lovers where each attendee brings a bottle of beer (or two or five or ten) to share with the group. For some of us, bottle shares are rare events, planned well in advance with invitations extended to only our closest beer-geek friends.

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turkey-sandwich cristie guevara

18 Craft Beers to Pair with Leftover-Turkey Sandwiches

The team at Wicked Weed Brewery in Asheville, North Carolina, is almost as passionate about food as they are about beer. When I asked Wicked Weed Head Chef Cardiff Creasey, Head Brewer Luke Dickinson, and PR/Marketing Director Abby Dickinson to share their suggestions for Thanksgiving food and beer pairings, they practically set the table for

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Holiday Ale Fest

Craft Beer Jubilee: 6 Must-Hit Winter Ale Festivals

This winter promises a lineup of holiday and cold weather ale festivals across the country. Mark your calendars and make a date to check out at least one of these festivals. You’ll be glad you did. DC Craft Beer Festival Winter Harvest Washington, D. C. November 22, 2014 Coming up this weekend, seventy-five breweries, 150

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Winter Warmer Beer Recipe

Winter Warmer Style: 21B Christmas/Winter Specialty Spiced Beer Type: All Grain Beer A malty, warming beer for cold days Original Gravity (est): 1.065 ABV (est): 6.3% Final Gravity (est): 1.017 IBU (est): 35.1 Recipe Grain 10.5 lbs Marris Otter 1.5 lbs 120 L Crystal Malt .5 lbs Brown Malt Hops 1 oz Northern Brewer (60